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Initially, cryptocurrencies didn’t have any financial value, and today it is unclear what can be able to match their value. Therefore, it’s clear that consumers require a secure storage and protection for their crypto assets which led to the idea of crypto wallets or digital wallets. As soon as the idea was introduced, thousands of crypto wallets were brought into being.

So, we considered the opportunity to introduce you to a recently launched wallet service that appears to have gathered a large client community for Solana cryptocurrency (or SOL) – the Phantom Wallet. It is known because it connects both the Solana Blockchain network as well as crypto-currency users.

The wallet currently functions as a browser extension. However, there are reports of ongoing operations that could soon introduce a mobile application. Don’t delay, and dive into the most important section of this info guide.

Learn the exclusive TRUTHS THAT PHANTOM IS designed with

This portion of the article is tasked with the task of guiding you through the features that make Phantom the ideal option for storing cryptocurrency tokens (Solana or SOL-based):

  • The service is known as the Solana wallet, which has no custody and is accessible through your browser.
  • The wallet is also connected and utilized together with Ledger wallets to add layer of safety.
  • Solana can be staking with the Phantom wallet in order to generate passive income for the users.
  • Since it is part to the wallet services users can access cryptocurrency tokens as well as other NFTs that are based on SOL.

How do you utilize the services offered by Phantom Wallet provides

It is important to know that Phantom is available for simple installation as a plug-in to popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave. It is said to share many similarities to the MetaMask wallet and is frequently called MetaMask, the MetaMask for the Solana blockchain.

This portion of the review is focusing on how you can make use of this wallet application. The first step is downloading or obtaining the wallet is easy and free to use. Then, you’ll be asked to establish a new wallet address or transfer an existing one. If you decide to create a new account you’ll be able to get the 12-word seed phrase , along with successful creation of and the verification of the Phantom Wallet password.

Your wallet can be used to store your cryptocurrency to check the balance on your investment portfolio, exchange or exchange crypto, and profit from additional features too.

Learn the process for INSTALLING PHANTOM on a computer

As we mentioned previously, Phantom Wallet is a basic browser extension or browser plug-in that is compatible with computers only. While it is set to launch a mobile app that will be available on both Android and iOS Let us take through the steps below for help installing the service on your PC:

  1. Use the most popular browser and then visit the official website for Phantom.
  2. On the next page, look for there the “Download” option and then click towards it.
  3. Then, scroll down to select the “Add to your browser” tab. Wrap it around.

NOTE: As soon as the installation is completed you’ll view the new plug-in in your browser.

The Phantom Wallet is set up. Wallet using the proper steps

This portion of the article is tasked with the task of assisting you to set up your wallet to be used and also a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Begin by following the installation process above.
  2. Click at the “Create New Account” option button.
  3. Set up a password to provide security to your wallet.
  4. Confirm the password you wish to use for your wallet.
  5. Continue to click the button that says “Continue”.
  6. In the following page, find access to the seed words.
  7. Save it offline, then click on “OK It’s saved somewhere”.
  8. You will have to submit the seed phrase information.
  9. Proceed to the “Finish the Wallet Setup” option.
  10. The browser will confirm that your setup is complete.

steps that can assist you in unlocking your Phantom Wallet

The content is focused on helping users who, for whatever reason, are unable to lock them out of the Phantom Wallet. Here are the steps for resolution:

  1. Start the previously installed Phantom Extension.
  2. Input the password you set in the space you have specified.
  3. Then, look for your “Unlock” option and click on it.

Discover the methods to getting back the funds in your Phantom Wallet

There may come a time when you lose control of your accounts in your wallet and this is the time when you’ll necessity to retrieve it. The phrase was suggested to write down and keep in a secure offline place would be the key component for this. Let us now walk us through steps to do the exact same thing:

  1. Begin the process by signing into the extension for your wallet.
  2. Search for the “Use keyword” link and then place an asterisk on it.
  3. Check that you have entered your account’s seed word correctly.
  4. Keep the seed word and then deciding on the new password.
  5. Make sure you have set up your brand new password by entering it in the following box.
  6. When asked, acknowledge the Terms of Service for Phantom wallet.
  7. Find the option that says “Import” and then proceed with it.
  8. You must wait until your Phantom Wallet to be recovered with the seed phrase.

Be aware of the features that could be introduced in Phantom

Well, it is expected that the launch of the mobile app that will be available for Phantom Wallet will bring in new features that will enhance and improve the experience for cryptocurrency users. A few of the features that might be incorporated for the application are as follows:

  • Built-in compatibility With Ethereum and ERC-20 crypto tokens.
  • The addition of more options or selections of markets available for market options for Phantom Swap feature.
  • Multi-chain support is a feature that will make use of the recently created Solana Wormhole.

The information above is concentrated on a specific cryptocurrency wallet that’s an extension for your browser or plug-in which can be downloaded and integrated into your existing browser quicklyand quickly – it’s called the Phantom Wallet. The wallet service is similar to MetaMask which is the reason it’s sometimes called MetaMask’s MetaMask account that is part of The Solana Blockchain network.

By reading the informational piece above , you’ll learn about the functions of the service as well as a user’s guide to the procedure for installing it, the process of creating it as well as other information. In addition, to finish our article, we’ve included a brief section that outlines the new features that could be added to the app for mobile devices that is expected to be released later in the coming year.


The information available on this site is only for sharing information and is not intended in any way for any different purpose(s). It is important to weigh the potential consequences prior to using the website and make sure you’re using this site solely entirely at your own risk. We expressly disclaim the use of fake name for wallets, pictures and logos, as they are only intended to provide a use as a reference.

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